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Thinking you're the GOAT but you're just an ass. I HAD to say it

In this episode I give my take on a certain athlete I find to be severely over rated, and his particularly obnoxious and irresponsible use of his status and break down some things we are all overlooking about officer involved shootings. Also I address the contest that literally two people actually replied to and something I am looking forward to.  The promo for this episode is for the Thrice Cursed podcast. A true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by Rebekkah Rosewood. Yet another True Crime show that I listen to despite not wanting to admit that I am into true crime. https://baxterblueglasses.pxf.io/c/2544961/1031264/11471 #supportindiepodcasts #podernfamily #rogueroostermediagroup 
  1. Thinking you're the GOAT but you're just an ass.
  2. A talk about mental health, and a lot of other random stuff. Featuring Lizz from You should Have Ghosted
  3. How Many times does this have to happen before we start the uncomfortable conversations?
  4. Clothes don't define the person
  5. The Reels Rabbit Hole and whats going on with the show

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