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What is the difference between "Conspiracy Theory" and "New Normal?" I HAD to say it

About three months, based on the current norms. In this episode I discuss the whole stigma attached to the moniker "conspiracy theorist" as well as why we need to start listening to them a little better. Also I talk about what I think is coming and a couple of suggestions about things I think you should be doing to get prepared. There are hard times on the horizon, they will be easier to weather with a little preparation, and we need to start being better.  Go sign up for the news letter http://www.ihadtosayitpodcast.com Sponsored by Pair.com Get one free month of webhosting when signing up for a new website by using the promo code QUICKSTART at this website http://www.pair.com/free  The Nomad Network: https://my.nomadnetwork.app/signup/vYFXaB — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. What is the difference between "Conspiracy Theory" and "New Normal?"
  2. A-A-Ron and B-Word
  3. New Year, Who Dis?
  4. 2021 A Retrospective From my perspective
  5. Yule have to listen

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