Ariel Cooksey – The host of Malice true crime podcast. Ariel is an amazing person and fantastic show host. With a unique approach where she first lays out the narrative of the case at hand and follows up with an episode of analysis on the case, Ariel addresses these things with humanity, empathy, and compassion for the victims while covering the facts of the case in a serious and well researched way. Find Malice wherever you get your podcast fix. Twitter @malicepodcast Facebook:

The lads from the Hush Hush Conspiracy Hour – I was joined by Mystery Mike and Slick Fronk Sanders of the Hush Hush Conspiracy Hour and we had a great talk. On their show they discuss various conspiracy theories, and look in to the facts behind them. The materials are presented in an entertaining and educational manner with out being dry or preachy. They present the information, and their opinions with out telling you what you should believe. I highly recommend their program.

Iceman of Motorcop Chronicles – Iceman is an active duty motorcop, that’s an officer on a motorcycle if you didn’t know, with 30 years of LEO experience and over 17 years of experience as a motorcop. He is also the host of Motorcop Chronicles. It is a program with some social commentary, discussion of news and topical matters, and stories of people that he has encountered over the years. It is a different perspective on things, that we all could use to remember that the people behind the badge are still people.

Yeti Yeff of 8750 – Yeff is the host of the ensemble podcast 8750. It is a program that is humorous in nature, and not to be taken too seriously. While you can hop in pretty much anywhere and have a laugh there are a lot of jokes that build on past episodes, so you may want to go back and listen to the entire series. There is also something of a rivalry between Yeff and myself so any time you listen to an episode of 8750 you need to play two of mine to offset the listen ratio.

B-Word – One half of the Bleach Bro’s Podcast, B-word is a decent guy with a lot of opinions and beliefs and the confidence to share them. We had a great talk covering everything from all different veins of life. “Jake is awesome, B-word sucks” – Jake the Hater

Ian of Why Whisky – I was joined by Ian, the host of the Why Whisky podcast. It was a great episode and we had a good time talking whisky, the rona, dive bars, getting back to normal and all kinds of fun stuff. I really enjoy his pod and if you like whisky or a knowledgeable guy with a look at history you should be into this one.

Wifey of Chicken Mind Nuggets – I had a lovely conversation with Wifey, the enigmatic host of Chicken Mind Nuggets which is a great little mental health show that is served up in bite sized little episodes, usually around ten minutes, that are easily digestible and insightful as well.

Dre of Ta2squid – Dre is a great guy. He definitely is another one with the gift of gab and when he and I get going the show just goes on and on. I have a blast every time we talk and if you enjoy a good conversational podcast his is one not to be missed. Every week he has a different guest on to discuss, well whatever the mood takes them to. It is a good time.

Celine the co-host of the fantastic Checkered Past: The Ska’d Cast. If you are of an age similar to mine, you have to remember the ska wave of the 90’s-00’s. If you’re not then you should go check it out to find out what you missed out on. We had a blast on this conversation, we talked music, work, careers, education, and general silliness along with what it is like to get gobsmacked by adulthood.

AJ AKA The Stoned – One third of the awesome Dads on Dayquill AJ is a foodie and a herbalist (if I needed to point that out) and we had a blast. AJ is a great guy and always a blast to talk with. We always find some common grounds for the conversation to grow around and usually teach each other some stuff in the process. We have fun every time we talk and this episode was no exception to that. I can guarantee he will be back, but until then go give the Dads a listen.

Jordan AKA The Gnome – Jordan is another one third of the Dads on Dayquill as well as one half of a new project along with Jake the Hater of the Bleach Bros Podcast called the Hateful Gnome’s Music Hut. Every episode the guys discuss music to fit a certain topic as well as what they have been listening to recently. It is a good time with two of my favorite personalities in podcasting. Another guy that is every bit as angry as me, and with every reason to be. He is a blast to talk with and to listen to. Hop to chuckleheads.

Jim of Film Rage – Jim is one third of the Film Rage crew. Each week he is joined by his cohosts Bryce and Murray and they discuss what is new in the theater this week, as well as discussing movies available on streaming (thanks COVID) as well as discussing various actors and actresses and their bodies of work. They rate movies, careers, and performances on a scale of rage to mondo. It is one of my regular I don’t miss it shows and you should check it out too. Jim and I had a blast talking everything from entertainment to politics.

Jake the Hater- AKA Jake the Tailgater- Jake is the other half of the Bleach Bros Podcast. Like myself he is a long time Chef and we have a lot in common. We had a great conversation talking about what ever popped into our heads as we went. It was a blast and I highly recommend that you guys check out their show at your earliest convivence.

Cody – Host of the Dungeons & Podcasts show We talked star wars, politics, music, beer, and more Cody is a good dude, and we had a good long chat. If you are into Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars he is now running a star wars themed home brew campaign that I would recommend you check out.

Kevin of The Jury Room – This one was a long time coming. Kevin is the host of The Jury Room, a true crime podcast and literally one of the first other podcasters to form a relationship with me. He is an amazing guy that does a lot of research into his episodes. He approaches the cases with care and respect, honoring the victims and being objective in his presentation of facts. He has also begun a new series in addition to the jury room called Addicted. It is stories of addiction and all of it’s facets. He talks with addicts, people in recovery, people whose families or lives have been ruined by addiction and have inspirational stories of recovery or triumphs, and you really should check it out.

The Boys of 69 Whiskey – Eric the Dimestore Dom and Motorboatin Matt make up the program 69 Whiskey. It’s not a pod about drinking. That being said Eric, Matt, and I had a great conversation and the guys brought some great stories and perspectives to the show and I cannot wait to talk to them again. Seriously you should go check out their episode and then go listen to their show, but go in with an open mind.


The Ladies of Tabooze– Celeste and Ali are two friends who discuss taboo topics with drinks in hands and zero fucks to spare. They are both wonderful human beings with strong opinions and foul mouths. I love these ladies and you should too. Twitter: @Taboozethepod Facebook

Lizz of You Should Have Ghosted – Lizz is one half of You Should Have Ghosted. A true crime podcast about the horrors of on line dating. Every week they have a main story of a criminal case involving online dating and a murder , a scumbag of the week highlighting a particularly shitty person who is also a criminal, and the always entertaining Brofiles where they read and roast dating profiles for the truly cringy people out there. With an infectious and distinctive laugh Lizz and her cohost Shayna will have you laughing along with them while still presenting the crimes with respect to the victims and their families.

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