Ariel Cooksey – The host of Malice true crime podcast. Ariel is an amazing person and fantastic show host. With a unique approach where she first lays out the narrative of the case at hand and follows up with an episode of analysis on the case, Ariel addresses these things with humanity, empathy, and compassion for the victims while covering the facts of the case in a serious and well researched way. Find Malice wherever you get your podcast fix. Twitter @malicepodcast Facebook:

The Ladies of Tabooze– Celeste and Ali are two friends who discuss taboo topics with drinks in hands and zero fucks to spare. They are both wonderful human beings with strong opinions and foul mouths. I love these ladies and you should too. Twitter: @Taboozethepod Facebook

Lizz of You Should Have Ghosted – Lizz is one half of You Should Have Ghosted. A true crime podcast about the horrors of on line dating. Every week they have a main story of a criminal case involving online dating and a murder , a scumbag of the week highlighting a particularly shitty person who is also a criminal, and the always entertaining Brofiles where they read and roast dating profiles for the truly cringy people out there. With an infectious and distinctive laugh Lizz and her cohost Shayna will have you laughing along with them while still presenting the crimes with respect to the victims and their families.

The lads from the Hush Hush Conspiracy Hour – I was joined by Mystery Mike and Slick Fronk Sanders of the Hush Hush Conspiracy Hour and we had a great talk. On their show they discuss various conspiracy theories, and look in to the facts behind them. The materials are presented in an entertaining and educational manner with out being dry or preachy. They present the information, and their opinions with out telling you what you should believe. I highly recommend their program.

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