Indie Podcasts

This is the list of the other independent podcasts that I have been interacting with via various social media outlets and the shows that I listen to. These are my personal endorsements, nobody asked to be here or compensated me in any way to make this list. honestly most of them are probably unaware they are on this page. They are in no particular order and are all worth a listen. Check back regularly as the list is always growing.

The Grays Taproom Podcast : Grab a drink, and let’s have some fun!! Hosted by @mikehappyhour and @happyhourtabs. New episodes every Tuesday. This show is a lot of fun and hosted by a couple of great people. Lots of fun guests and a good time to be had by all

Whiskey Hell : We tear apart the news so you don’t have to. Great craft beer. Lots of debauchery. Download Everywhere. Tweet us or call us 602-834-7937

WV Uncommonplace : a podcast that strives to be informative and be helpful along with some great stories. Host JR talks to other podcasters as well as sharing his tips and information about marketing and building success in life as well as whatever endeavors you might undertake

Sandman Stories Presents : A weekly folklore podcast with stories from around the world set to natural sounds and local music.

8750 : 8750 is a conversational podcast where a group of friends get together with one goal, to make each other laugh.

Malice : Come explore what biopsychosocial factors result in human depravity and create violent criminals.

Motorcop Chronicles : Raw and Real Podcast about my 20+ year career in Law Enforcement, stories and guest telling their stories. Hosted by the Ice Man.

Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour : Join Declassified Dave, Mystery Mike and Slick Fronk Sanders on journey of conspiratorial mysteries and dark truths. Debriefings are biweekly, Mondays. Dont forget about Cryptid Chronicles, Declassified Discussions releases as well!

For Nerds By Nerds : We are a nerd centric, comedy group of podcasters and Youtubers. We do watch alongs, news, reviews and so much more. Check us out, let us know what you think

Bleach Brothers : Weekly podcast hosted by @jakethetailg8r & @bword1011 that covers entertainment, movie reviews, recipes, dadisms, etc. Call us at 1-66-BLEACH-75!

Page Turners and Button Mashers : A podcast of books, games, and absolute comedy weirdness! We report on both along with the silliness that comes into our minds and out of our mouths.

Terrible People Doing Terrible Things : A true crime/horror addict and a psychologist discuss terrible people and the terrible things they do. Think cults, killers, and…nuns?!? Yep! Nuns

Infectious Grooves : Music podcast. In depth discussion of all genres. Founding member OddPodsMedia Network

Dads on Dayquill : 3 dads living our dad lives and making a comedy podcast about it! listen to the cast on any podcast app. IG @ dads_on_dayquill. Facebook Dads on Dayquill Group

Few Bad Apples : Creator, host, & writer of the weekly podcast spotlighting police crimes Hosted by me, Katherine Sheffield, Ed.D. Advocate for police reform

The Jury Room : Anything true crime! From serial killers to cold cases. And everything in between.

Beer’d Al Podcast

Campfire Classics : Campfire Classics-A Literary Comedy Podcast where hosts Ken Sandberg & Heather Michele Lawler try to read those books that look good on your shelf.

Crime Time Nerds : Crime Time Nerds is a True Crime podcast hosted by sister in laws Nat and Ash. Catch new episodes every Sunday nerdlings!

Riddle Me That! : True Crime fanatic w/ my Ph.D in Transpersonal Counseling. Podcast available everywhere!

Reverie True Crime Podcast : Join your host, Paige, as she tells you about horrific reveries of crime and eerie events.

Canadian SPIRIT Podcast : Join Paranormal Investigators Kelly and Darcy as they explore the most famous and infamous paranormal events in Canada’s history and try to figure them out!

The Crime Diner : We share stories on true crime, historical shenanigans, and unexplained mysteries while our amateur chef prepares themed dinners and paired wine

Film Rage: A Unique spin on movie review podcasts. New releases, streaming and classic films. Directors and actors beware as you cannot hide from the RAGE BIPOC SM by Jim

The Deep Gripping Reality : TDGR podcast helps Leaders and business owners create winning strategies with Leadership lessons, digital marketing, and SEO!

Tracing Owls : Cryptids, aliens, high strangeness, anomalies, obscurities and general weirdness. We seek to catalogue the overlooked, and spotlight the disregarded!

The MindBuzz :The Mindbuzz is a pragmatic conversation that explores #MindCulture and Society. Interesting stories of today’s culture, a high range of commentary with podcasters, speakers, entrepreneurs, artists, and people just like you.

Grown Man Logic Podcast : @dejuanoneal1 , @sheblowsit_pod , @uknothat1guy and @coffeewithkendra look critically at #popculture #relationshipskills #personalimprovement etc.

Reddit On Wiki : John (@johncenanufff), Sean (@sntpod), & Josh (@lets_cult) scours Reddit and Wikipedia for your entertainment.

Retired or completed shows

The Dumb. Found Dead : Comedy pod where Darwin Awards meets puns. Deaths so comical that it left us dumbfounded.

Darwin’s Deviations : A Satirical, Absurdist, gonzo, troll, parody comedy show about all the stuff that you never knew you wanted to know. Seriously go check it out

You Should Have Ghosted : A true crime comedy podcast about the dark side of online dating

Liberated Ladies : A dramedy podcast that explores the highs, lows, and everything in between of divorce, sex, confidence, and dating. Amber and Tina strive to bring awareness to all struggles women face in toxic marriages, singlehood, and navigating the dating world. We’ll explore a huge variety of topics ranging from heartbreaking to pee-your-pants hilarious. We want to share our stories in hopes of helping women recognize their worth and realize they are not alone! 

The Bub and Gobbz Show : A couple of best friends that make this comedy podcast/YouTube show. Come join in our shenanigans and enjoy.

Tabooze : A podcast discussing topics that carry stigmas and are seen as taboo by society, often with drinks!

Lets start a Cult : Join me and dive into the dark and interesting world of cults! A bi-weekly #truecrime / #cult podcast!

Crime & Compulsion : Husband & wife podcast team. Dive into the darker side of humanity but from the safety of your own couch.

Thrice Cursed Podcast : A true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by Rebekkah Rosewood

Misfits and Mysteries : Blog and podcast exploring everything from the supernatural to the very natural. Tune in to hear about the world’s weirdest and wackiest phenomena.

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